Education for Peace

Education for Peace and Reconciliation

“Since wars taking birth in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be raised” preamble to the Constitution of UNESCO

Education for Peace begins with the little ones in the family, the institutions, the places of meetings and of life.


At  “Maison de la Paix”, House of Peace, the pedagogical approaches for children propose in a playful way activities of “living together”.  No winner, no loser, the strongest does not crush the weakest.  We seek together solutions where mutual aid and sharing predominate. Simple gestures of attention and glance towards the other make them grow in mutual respect.   Our activities…

To educate for Peace and Reconciliation is also to decide to look “Ahead”, without paralyzing the past that would lead to a sterile future. It is also to make concrete gestures of meetings and encounters, of exchanges,  of “let’s talk together”, of richness and shared gifts in the service of the good of all.

Peace and reconciliation, with whom ?