n° 48 1st Quarter 2019

                A garden resting in the mists of winter, a land seeming to sleep, bare trees trying to touch the sky as supplication, this is the image of theMaison de la Paix [ House of Peace] during these first months of the New Year. Make no mistake !!! the earth does not sleep and prepares the germination, the sap sneaks into the intensive branches, ready to offer the first bud. We are at work.

               2019! 75th! sets of numbers carrying projects. The 75th anniversary of liberation is emerging as an important event mobilizing all the forces of the city. Commemorative events fill the calendars. As Msgr. Le Boulc’h “Commemoration and museums attract crowds. How to accompany this movement so that it is at the source of a renewal of commitment in the service of the construction of Peace? “. And we embarked on this somewhat crazy challenge of a” Festival of Peace “to the edge of all the festivities. Winter has fertilized the energy of the whole team to think, propose, sow, organize. June 15-16, 2019 “Blessed are the peacemakers“, it’s no longer a bud, it’s an olive branch, maybe even a tree!

                 At the “Village of Peace” created for the occasion at the crossroads of the summer, many associations will coexist in the service of peace and fraternity.

                 Fun activities on peace for children from songs, poems, games while the young people walk to memorial places and meet witnesses.

                 No festival without music, the birds sing in spring and nature explodes. Concerts and conferences will be answered during the two days and on Sunday a solemn mass in the square presided by Msgr. Lebrun, Archbishop of Rouen and our Bishop Msgr. Le Boulc’h.

                  A real challenge, a message of peace and hope. You have to live it, you have to come, you have to join the long march of the “peacemakers”.

                   But the tradition remains and upstream the March of Peace, Saturday, May 25, on the theme “Protects the planet, Peace will come” will open the big weeks of June.

            Winter has done its work, the earth has worked, the sap has nourished the tree, the fruit is ripening.                                                                                                                                                                              

Sr. Anne-Françoise Angomard

below see the program of the festival and the message of Mr. Morio on the progress of the Barn.

Program of the Festival on June 15 and 16 :

Permanently :

          Animation for children and the youth g games and fun activities on peace

          Youth Animation  g march to pride g testimonial meeting

          Stands and expositions g meeting with associations g expositions

          Video film

Shows :

          Street Theater with Samir Siad

          « What is he doing ? » by by Jean-Pierre Labbé, comidian actor

Conferences :

*Catherine Billet, Pax Christi National Delegate “The Church and Peace”

                                                              Saturday, June 15 at 17h.

*Guy Aurenche , founder of Acat “Peace and respect for human rights”

                                                               Sunday, June 16 afternoon

*Jean-Marie Petitclerc, priest and educator “How to educate young people for peace”

                                                               Sunday, June 16 afternoon

*Msgr. Dominique Lebrun, Archbishop of Rouen “Faced with terrorism the response of Christians.

                                                               Sunday, June 16 afternoon

Concerts at the Church of Sainte Mère:

          Gospel with the “Free Gospels” Saturday, June 15 at 20h.30

           Creation of a polyphonic mass for peace by Romain Bastard

                                                             Sunday, June 16 at 18h.


* Candle light procession on the sites of the cemeteries    g  Saturday, June 15 at 22h.30

* Mass presided over by Bishop Lebrun and Msgr. Le Boulc’h  g  Sunday, June 16th at 10.30 am

                                                                     and then laying the first stone of the “Barn of peace”

* Circle of silence planned during the Week end                                                                                            

From  Mr.  Morio, Coordinator of thePeace Barn Project

        After the visit of the delegation of the French Foundation of the Order of Malta, it was decided to take advantage of the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day ceremonies to publicize the activities of the Maison de la Paix [House of Peace] to the thousands of visitors expected at Sainte Mere Eglise and to encourage donors to support the Barn Rehabilitation Project.

       In this spirit, and with the support of the diocese, a communication agency specializing in fundraising was selected, and a communication campaign was set up,

         The goal is to create several media: a flyer, a brochure and a dedicated website. These supports will be available in French, English and German, In addition, the communication agency called Progressive Media (PM) convinced us to make a film of 7/8 minutes that would be projected in the barn when it will be operational. Since the beginning of the year, several volunteers of our 2 associations (Les amis de la Maison de la Paix et La Grange de la Paix) are working in close collaboration with Bénédicte Palluat de Besset, director of the diocesan communication, who is the interface between us and PM.  Several meetings of work and brainstorming took place both in the diocese with the presence of Monsignor Le Boulc’h and at Maison de la Paix. The schedule is very tight because everything must be ready for the period of the 75th ceremonies. The flyer will be distributed first in the church but also in all the events such as the March for Peace or the Peace Festival, on June 16th and 17th. The brochure is intended to solicit important donors, both French and foreign, especially American and German. Tax exemption circuits for Americans (via French Heritage Society) and Germans (via the Sisters SMMP Foundation, to which Sister Théresita belonged) are in the process of being formalized. They will be specified in the supports dedicated to these 2 categories of donors. Finally, the dedicated website will make donations online directly to our SME Foundation, housed by the FFOM, recognized by public utility,

Among all the excitement created by the preparation of our communication tools, has arrived good news that will delight all those who work since 2012 at Maison de la Paix. A generous deceased donor wished to bequeath a property to the brand new Foundation Sainte Mere Eglise. This legacy is expected to begin the rehabilitation of the Barn this fall. Our architect has just been mandated to propose the division into 3 sections of works and launch the bids of companies.

Also, we have decided to lay the foundation stone during the festival of peace, after the Mass to be celebrated in the square of Sainte Mere Eglise by Monsignor Le Brun Archbishop of Rouen, invited by Monsignor Le Boulc’h. We hope to see  many in this important step in the rehabilitation of the Peace Barn.

Also, we have decided to lay the foundation stone for the festival of peace after Mass to be celebrated in the square of EMS by Monsignor Le Brun Archbishop of Rouen, invited by Monsignor Le Boulc’h, We hope to see many important stages of development  in the rehabilitation of the Peace Barn.

Christian Morio