n°47 4th quarter 2018

            The mists of distress, hatred and violence obscured the end of 2018 and yet stars have torn the night worries at the heart of this quarter. The House of Peace/ Maison de la Paix has colored the daily life of encounters, projects, small pleasures, unexpected surprises with a great Hope. “There is always a dawn somewhere,” says the proverb. The new year offers us promises to be beautiful for everyone, for all, for the world.

May the New Year be a year of blessings for you and those who are dear to you.

These are the wishes of the Sisters and Friends of Maison de la Paix.
Together, let us be peacemakers, where ever we live.

                     In October, Pierre, Paul, Arthur and Mattéis, high school students from Trouville came to join us for a project / mission, accompanied by Cédric their animator. Experience renewed for several years now, these young people willingly shared our daily religious community life. The notes of youthfulness and enthusiasm dance on the scope of shared happiness.

              A construction site, a mission is played on a three-step measure. Under the baton of the leader: prayer to the rhythm of the community; work in the garden and the barn moving ahead of the upcoming rehabilitation, that is to say, the transport of tables, benches, assorted hardware. It took ingenuity to give a place to everything; Service deal with contingencies that invite !!! The melody is played! Shared meals are a little oasis, their spontaneity and simplicity marvel us, finally we are well together. Thank you. These experiences are rich exchanges and cheerfully humming the word Peace.

Sr. Anne-Françoise

Summer has gone, calmness has returned. As the days get shorter and nature dies out, the  worker bees meet every Thursday afternoon to prepare the Christmas Market/Bazaar. Maison de la Paix transformed into a hive.

According to their artistic giftedness, each of them set to work to make beautiful creations.

Hedgehogs, usually asleep has awaken, fir/Christmas trees point their star to the sky and angels descend from the clouds, giving a second life to old books and music scores.

            In the joy and good humor, Advent wreaths are also made, Christmas balls patchwork, lavender sachets … .. Not to mention the sweets with small bags of chocolates and biscuits in the shape of Peace dove.

            After this time of conviviality, all are gathered around for a nice snack.

           It is also good that our bees will try to be even more numerous next year and why not expect the possibility of the arrival of bees for small carpentry tasks.

Francine et Barbara

            The 2018 edition of the Christmas Market/Bazaar was marked by the sign of creativity. Of course, the Friends of Peace Association needed to feed its box and the Christmas market is the best time to do it. This time the team chose to make small decorative gifts, wanted to give meaning with small things.

              Artists began to work for 5 Thursdays. In a friendly and joyful atmosphere we saw unfold the talents of each others. And on Saturday the 8th and the 9th of December Maison de la Paix  community is  on its 31st!

The well decorated entrance door is very inviting to discover what was going on inside. And it was beautiful! A small table set up made you want to sit down or buy small items to take home: majestic angels, fir or Christmas trees, balls, cards, candles …

The team took turns to welcome visitors, and share pleasant moments. Of course the passage through the kitchen was a must. We could smell hot wine and chocolate all over the house! Until Sunday evening visitors have not feared to come and discover little wonders. The Christmas Market/Bazaar  was above all a convivial, happy and fraternal moment. Thank you to all the team who spent countless hours to make this beautiful moment a succes.                                                                                             – Sr. Chantal

The community and the steering team spent two days and two nights of spiritual reflection in the Benedictine Monastery “Joy Saint-Benoit” in Bayeux last October. It was a time to know each other, each and everyone in the freedom of our diverse sensibilities. Sharing, praying, organizational work for the coming year, reflection from the teachings of Sister Marie-Pierre and Father Marie-Bernard.

He commented to us on the Beatitudes “Blessed are the peacemakers, they will be called children of God”, linking it to the exhortation to the holiness of the pope. We are already children of God: it is therefore by giving room to the Holy Spirit in our lives, by truly “walking”, that we will be peacemakers, and this will be a testimony to the world.

Sister Marie-Pierre, Benedictine, did not fail to introduce her meditation on inner peace by the phrase of the rule of Saint-Benedict: “Seek and search peace and pursue it always! “. What are you looking for, who are you looking for? Christ and his peace are hidden so that we seek them in all our situations of life. He asks only for our true yes, then, yes for yes, for conversion into conversion, to live in honesty with oneself and others in order to preserve this acquiescence source of novelty. Peace is therefore a call to which we respond. From then on, the Holy Spirit can act in us, if we leave him the place, in the meetings and completely unforeseen events which confuse us but still illuminate our way …

Dates to remember : Saturday  25 May  Marche de la Paix/Walk for Peace                         From Utah Beach to Sainte Mère Eglise                 Saturday 15 and Sunday  16  June                         Festival of Peace at Sainte Mère Eglise  

Odile and Benoit

The Order of Malta supports the Peace Barn

            There was a lot of people on Tuesday, December 4 at  Maison de la Paix. On this day, we received an official delegation from the French Foundation of the Order of Malta (FFOM) as part of the Peace Barn Rehabilitation project.

         Thus, a dozen members of the Board of Directors of the FFOM led by their president Mr. Jean-Pierre Mazery was able to discover Maison de la Paix, the Garden of Peace and the Barn which the project of rehabilitation is at the heart of our concerns. To facilitate the collection of funds for this rehabilitation, a Foundation Sainte Mère Eglise (FSME), under the honorary presidency of Monsignor Le Boulc’h was created this year and hosted by the FFOM.

          The delegation was welcomed by Monsignor Le Boulc’h, who took the opportunity to recall the objectives and mission of Maison de la Paix/ the House of Peace. He was accompanied by Dominique Leborgne, diocesan treasurer. Note the presence of Marc Lefevre in his capacity as President of the Airborne Museum and member of the Foundation Committee, Henri-Jean Renaud, son of Alexandre Renaud Mayor of SME on June 6, 1944, another member of the Foundation Committee, Jean Quétier, the new mayor of the Municipality of Sainte Mère Eglise, and Johanna Schmidt, architect of the Peace Barn project. The welcoming committee was made up of the workers’ pegs of the project: the 4 Sisters of Maison de la Paix Community, Christian Lutier President of the Friends of the House of Peace Association, Didier Caillard President of the Barn Association Peace, project owner, Father Marie Bernard parish priest of Notre Dame de la Paix Parish, and Philippe de Quatrebarbes, president of RCF Manche-Calvados.

           The delegation was able to discover the historic city, the Church of Our Lady of Peace/Notre Dame de la Paix in which are exposed the 2 models of the project of the Peace Barn carried out by Johanna Schmidt, the architect who was able to comment on the direction of its choices of realization, and the Airborne Museum for a private visit.

           Before returning home, the Sisters offered a snack at the Maison de la Paix, in the presence of all the volunteer members of the two associations, offering the representatives of the local press the opportunity for a group photo, taken over in the Manche Channel Press on 6/12 and in West-France on 8/12

           This visit gave us the opportunity to present briefly the Order of Malta, a millennial order, dating back to the eleventh century. In July 1099, the superior of a Latin monastery in Jerusalem, creates a hospice, that of Saint John. The monastic order of the Knights of Saint John Hospital in Jerusalem was born,

            Its purpose was to rescue and protect the pilgrims like the monk-soldiers of the order of the Templars who will be created in 1118. For evangelical purpose, the order of the hospital will not escape the military drift. The debacle or tragedy of Saint Jean d’Acre in 1291 will sound the tragic fate of the Templars returned to the West while the Hospitals will settle in Cyprus and Rhodes where they will be hunted by the Turks and finally to Malta and Rome where sits the of the order and where it enjoys the status of extraterritoriality. The Order of Malta is the heir of these Hospitals. “More than the heirs,” says Jean-Pierre Mazery president of the FFOM, “we are the hospital of Jerusalem, we have abandoned our weapons and taken over the original hospital mission,”

        The oldest of the charitable institutions, the Order of Malta is active in 120 countries thanks to its 13,500 members, its 25,000 medical and health personnel and its 80,000 volunteers. The French Foundation of the Order of Malta has an independent board of 15 members: five founding members, five co-opted members and five representatives of the major ministries of the French State (Interior, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Culture and Health). These representatives of the State ensure the proper use of the funds collected, (www.fondationordredemalte.org)

          The day could not have been a success without the help of several volunteers who, with the help of the Sisters, provided the stewardship and comfort of our guests. Warmly thanked on behalf of the Maison de la Paix.

            Christian Morio

Coordinateur du projet